'We've tried to match that sense of spirit and adventure found only on Bequia '


- Co-Founder & designer

The story of Beach Bums really starts with a man called Bengt and his adventure in discovering Bequia.

Whilst sailing in the West Indies - a world away from a busy life in London, Bengt landed on the Grenadine island of Bequia. He would return several times before settling on buying land to build a plantation house style holiday home for the family. But, he got a bit carried away... That turned into the celebrated 55 suite Bequia Beach Hotel!

Bengt loved the island, settled into the lifestyle and loves a project.

After building and running the hotel, the projects continued with the addition of Grenadine House on St Vincent, Jacks Beach bar, Friendship Bay Estate villa development and most recently his own airline dubbed 'BengtAir' by some!

What more could a man need one might ask, but of course a boutique beachwear lifestyle brand! - and so Beach Bums was born!

Our brand & logo takes inspiration from a whale’s fin - symbolic for Bequia but also for creativity. The collection is designed and inspired by tropical island life in Bequia & Bengt himself - often found entertaining guests at the hotel with his own unique style of dress. We tried to match that sense of spirit and adventure found only on Bequia in our beach wear collection.

Our debut collection is a limited edition with only 50 pieces of each swim short print. Sold exclusively in our beach boutiques in Bequia & limited quantities online. Simple styles, easy to wear and care for made of the finest quality & perfect to bring on your next adventure. 🐳